Her Lover



Life on the fast lane finally catches up with Amanda though she’s just made a change in her life.

Need a highly riveting, action-packed story? Her Lover is the intriguing adventures of CJ and Amanda as they search for the truth about Nikky’s mysterious disappearance, which causes them to become increasingly aware of the mutual attraction they have to each other. With CJ being his impulsive and gritty self and Amanda being the tough and street-hardened young woman, who would fight hard to not betray her tender side, their relationship is both funny and nervy.

Nikky goes missing a few days after her birthday. Her roommate and best friend, Amanda, is worried about her and reaches out to CJ, Nikky’s boyfriend, a notorious defense attorney, for help. CJ is in for a shock when he discovers Nikky’s lifestyle but agrees to follow a wild lead to find her, questioning his motives because of his attraction to Amanda. The lead ends the duo on a bush path but only opens another deadly one with Amanda on the run for her life and CJ desperate to keep her from harm to pursue their mutual attraction.


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