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Sinmisola 'Sinmi' Ogúnyinka

A woman of many sides, Sinmisola “Sinmi” Ogúnyinka is an award-winning storyteller who likes to create stories across cultures. She is a wife, mother, movie producer, and talk-show host. She is also a craftsman of the Jerry B. Jenkins’ former Christian Writers’ Guild in Colorado, USA, and is the founder of Pleasant Streams with more than two decades experience in writing and over fifty published titles.

Sinmi holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, a Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing from Full Sail University, Florida, and a Master of Liberal Arts with concentration in Creative Writing from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. Sinmi’s MLA project novel, Greed is my Mother Tongue, won the Capstone Recognition Award at Penn.

While at Full Sail University, she won the Mark McKain Award for Episodic and Serial Writing. She also won best contemporary fiction for Scent of Water, and Faith-based Writer of the Year for The Days after that Night. As a columnist for the Delta Women’s magazine, she won the President’s Award endorsed by President Barack Obama.

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Her mission is to deliberately, and with intent determination, deliver her products and services with a focus on building creatives in different genres of the writing and publishing art, thereby causing a revolution in the entertainment world.

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Her vision is to kindle a spark among the members of the creative community – in the world of writing and publishing – through her deliberate and determined writing.

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