It is a single 2-hour class or 3 1-hour classes where a minimum of three and a maximum of five people brainstorm the story of the others. Each person has at least 30 minutes of brainstorming of their piece. In each of the courses I have taken in my journey to receiving two master’s degrees in writing, book brainstorming is a must-have. It is like tapping into the brains of others to fine-tune yours. The class is intense and there are no boundaries. Everyone gets value for their time.

A free 30-minute follow-up class is optional, and it will be with me alone.

Attendees must send in 2-3 pages of their synopsis, or story idea, or what they want to be brainstormed, at least five days before their class. This reduces the time we use to familiarize with the book.

BBC is not where you edit your book. It is not a beta readers class. Students can connect with one another but will be totally responsible for whatever they do outside BBC. BBC will not be held responsible for any actions by its students outside of the course.

About me: I have been writing since 2003 and to date published over 45 books and written more than a hundred short stories across cultures and genres. This does not include editing or ghostwriting. My name is Sinmisola Ogúnyinka, I hold two master’s degrees in creative writing, and I want to be a part of your success story. Thank you.

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