I’ll Tell My Story


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Sometimes the secrets of the past are too painful to remain hidden in the shadows.

Bettina Jaja spent years of her life obeying a man everyone both revered and feared, a man she called her husband—a man of God who gave her a comfortable life by all external accounts. Why, then, was she so unhappy?

Mummy Jaja, as their congregation called her, knew she had failed as a mother for many reasons… but could she stop the generational curses caused by her years of silence from being passed on? Can she save her children from suffering her fate?

Fearing it is too late, Bettina takes a stand against her tyrannical husband, the man who nobody dared disobey without fear of retaliation, in the hopes of finally putting an end to the

Pouring her heart out in her uncensored life story, she delivers her true self to her children. But will they read it? Doing so means defying Daddy. Doing so means being damned.

In this often heart-wrenching look into the life of one mother yearning for freedom and for her children’s happiness, you’ll find out just what a mother is willing to sacrifice for the sake of her children.

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