Scent of Water



Fiction fans with hearty appetites for suspenseful, thought-provoking romance novels will likely find what they are looking for in this novel based on the author’s dream. Scent of Water is a riveting tale of love, choices, and fate, spun through the odyssey of one extraordinary woman.

Paediatrician Esam Bassey thought she had everything she ever wanted in life — a thriving career, a house of her own, and a children’s ministry that provides her with a sense of purpose and meaning. All of that changed one day when a prisoner named Mike Dabi appears in a disturbing dream. With her once staid existence transformed into a realm of mystery and uncertainty, the timid, lonely paediatrician Esam sets out to discover its meaning — and ends up finding love in the unlikeliest place.

Described as a novel that “confirms the writer’s prowess in suspense and compelling story-telling skills,” Scent of Water is a compelling account of two wounded hearts trying to find their way through hate and adversity to a fulfilment of their destiny. Will God’s guidance pull them through the obstacles they face? The answer rests deep in the heart of this masterful offering from one of the most promising novelists in the genre.


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